Harry Reid International Airport Limousines

Las Vegas Airport Limousines

If You Want To Travel In Style And Comfort, You Can Choose From A Variety Of Limousine And Private Driver Services At Harry Reid International Airport.

How To Find A Limousine At The Airport

Terminal 1
Airport staff are ready to assist you at the west end of the baggage claim area outside doors 7-13 where you can find limousines waiting to take you to your destination. They can help with managing the queues and offer any assistance you may require.
Terminal 3
To ensure easy access for customers, limousines can be found stationed outside the west end of the building on Level Zero for domestic travelers, and on the east side for international travelers. Quick exit lanes are provided to ensure fast departure from the airport, and airport staff is always on hand to provide assistance as necessary.

Limousines At Las Vegas Airport

At Harry Reid International Airport, you can pick from a range of limousine services if you wish to travel in elegance and comfort. Whether you require a sedan, stretch limo, or SUV, you may choose a vehicle that meets your requirements and price range. You can either walk up to the available cars at the airport or make an advance reservation for your limousine service.

How much should you tip your airport limousine driver?

When it comes to tipping your airport limousine driver, it is generally considered customary to show appreciation for good service. Although tips are not mandatory, it is commonly recommended to offer a gratuity of around 15-20% of the total fare. This range is widely accepted as a standard practice within the industry. Ultimately, the decision of how much to tip should depend on factors such as the quality of service provided, the level of professionalism exhibited by the driver, and your overall satisfaction with the experience.

How much is a limo from the airport to the Strip?

To determine the cost of a limo from the airport to the Strip in Las Vegas, various factors need to be considered. The pricing is influenced by the type of vehicle chosen, the number of people in the party, the amount of luggage, and whether the destination is the Las Vegas Strip or Downtown Las Vegas. Additionally, the time of day and the desire to take a picture in front of the famous "Welcome to Las Vegas" sign also affect the final price. Starting at $90, the prices for Las Vegas Airport Limousine transportation can increase depending on the specific requirements and preferences. To ensure availability, it is advisable to make reservations in advance for a limo from LAS airport to the desired destination.

Limousine Companies

Here are some of the limousine service providers that operate at Harry Reid International Airport
Bell Limousine
Vegas VIP Limousine
AWG Ambassador
Presidential Limousine
Earth Limos
VIP Limousine & Transportation