Convenient EV charging stations in Terminal 1 and Terminal 3

Electric Vehicle Charging at Las Vegas Airport (LAS)

Power Up Before You Take Off at Harry Reid International Airport

Terminal-Specific EV Charging Facilities

Tailored solutions for your electric vehicle charging needs at LAS.
Terminal 1 EV Charging
With twelve dedicated EV charging stations, Terminal 1 provides ample opportunity to recharge your electric vehicle. Located within the valet parking area, these charging facilities ensure your vehicle stays powered up while you travel.
Terminal 3 EV Charging
Similarly, Terminal 3 offers twelve EV charging stations through its valet parking service. Keep your electric vehicle charged and ready to go as soon as you land back at Las Vegas Airport.

Recharging Your Journey at LAS

Seamless EV Charging Solutions

Las Vegas Airport (LAS) strives to accommodate the growing needs of electric vehicle (EV) owners by offering dedicated charging stations through valet parking services in both Terminal 1 and Terminal 3. These terminals have twelve charging stations each, ensuring ample availability for travelers to recharge their electric vehicles before embarking on their journeys or upon return.

Terminal 1 EV Charging Facilities

At Terminal 1, twelve EV charging stations are available within the valet parking area, facilitating convenient charging solutions for travelers. The charging stations are equipped to provide a quick recharge to your vehicle, ensuring it's ready for the drive as soon as you return. The proximity of the charging stations to the terminal allows for a hassle-free transition from your car to your flight.

Terminal 3 EV Charging Facilities

Similarly, Terminal 3 provides twelve EV charging stations within its valet parking area. The charging facilities are designed to meet the needs of modern electric vehicles, offering a reliable recharge while you are away. The charging stations are conveniently located, providing easy access for travelers using Terminal 3.

Charging Procedures and Policies

Utilizing the EV charging stations at LAS is straightforward. Simply park your vehicle in the designated valet parking area, and the valet service will take care of the rest. The charging service aims to provide a stress-free experience for electric vehicle owners, ensuring your vehicle is charged and ready for the road.

Collaborations with EV Service Providers

Las Vegas Airport collaborates with top EV service providers to ensure reliable and efficient charging solutions for travelers. These partnerships enhance the overall charging experience, providing advanced charging technology and ensuring the availability of support whenever needed.

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