Tailored Long Term Parking Options for Extended Stays

Long Term Parking Options at Las Vegas Airport (LAS)

Secure, Affordable, and Convenient Parking Solutions at Harry Reid International Airport

Overview of Long Term Parking Facilities

Meeting Diverse Parking Needs
Terminal 1 Long Term Parking
Conveniently situated adjacent to Terminal 1 on Levels 1M, 3, 4, 5, and 6, this long-term parking facility is designed for stays exceeding three hours. The initial hour of parking is priced between $3.00 to $4.00, with a nominal charge of $1.00 for each subsequent hour
Terminal 3 Long Term Parking
Terminal 3 at Las Vegas Airport (LAS) houses various long-term parking facilities at 5757 Wayne Newton Boulevard. It features a multi-level garage (Levels 2 and 3) with a 30-day maximum stay, rates starting at $10.00 for the first three hours, and capping at $18.00 daily. Additionally, economy and oversize parking areas offer budget-friendly options, accommodating different vehicle sizes for a hassle-free parking experience.
Economy Long Term Parking
Opt for our economy lots for a budget-friendly long-term parking solution with daily rates starting as low as $12.00. Ideal for travelers looking to minimize parking expenses during extended stays​.

Comprehensive Long-Term Parking Options at LAS

Las Vegas Airport (LAS) offers a variety of long-term parking solutions tailored to fit the needs of every traveler. Whether you are looking for on-site parking or prefer off-site facilities, LAS has you covered.

On-Site Long-Term Parking Facilities

Terminal 1 Long Term Parking:

  • Location: 576 Kitty Hawk Way, Las Vegas, NV
  • Rate: $10 per day
  • Payment Options: Credit card or cash accepted at payment booths or pay-on-foot machines
  • Additional Info: Free shuttle service to terminals, open 24/7, EV charging stations available​.

Terminal 3 Long Term Parking:

  • Location: Located adjacent to Terminal 3
  • Rate: $16 per day for the Daily Parking Garage
  • Additional Info: Offers multiple levels for long-term parking with a maximum stay of 30 days​
  • Economical Off-Site Parking Alternatives

Long-Term Off-Site Parking with Shuttle Service:

  • Rate: As low as $6 per day
  • Reservation: Advanced online reservations available
  • Shuttle Service: Complimentary shuttle service to and from the airport​.

Park and Ride Facilities

  • Location: Off-site, a few miles from the airport
  • Rate: Economy parking rates at $10 per day
  • Shuttle Service: Las Vegas airport shuttle service available to and from the terminals.

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